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The team at Fig Tree Digital has the depth of knowledge and proven expertise you need for successful outcomes.  We’re also renowned for our easy going, personal service, needlepoint focus, quiet confidence, unwavering persistence and ability to perform under pressure. Well, chocolate and coffee helps, too.

We’ve searched long and hard to find the right members for our team. After all, we see each other more than our own families. We think you’ll like them as much we do.

Maria De Conno Maria De Conno Managing Director READ BIO

Maria De Conno

Managing Director
BA Communications / PgD Marketing
Fellow of Australian Marketing Institute
Certified Practising Marketer
Australian Marketing Institute SA – Deputy Chair


As founder of Fig Tree Digital, Maria leads the team in marketing and digital strategy. Her direction and ability in combining trends, technology and marketing with business objectives delivers outstanding results.

As a Marketing leader, Maria is a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute and Certified Practising Marketer.

Maria is Deputy Chair of Australian Marketing Institute in SA where she connects, engages and leads marketing professionals in continual learning and inspiration. And is a long standing member of the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising and Australian Marketing Institute.

I saw an opportunity in the marketplace. Bringing digital, creative, marketing work together – it was the next stage of the marketing mix in . People, data, analytics, loyalty, social media… all merged together to deliver effective results.

I’m so proud of what we’ve created at Fig Tree Digital. For me, this is the new age of creative digital marketing agency – modern, digital and consumer focused. A studio focusing on great work, great client relationships.

If I could retire tomorrow with an unlimited fortune, I don’t even have to think twice about what I would do! A long, relaxing holiday to Europe and then Fiji – they are both on my bucket list.

My other favourite way to relax is a lazy sleep in, cooking with my daughter India and reading a book. That’s my idea of bliss!

Maria’s Secret Superhero Status: Elasti-Girl. Her ability to shrink, grow and stretch any way she wants. Her quick moves and fast actions can save the day!

Maria’s favourite inspirational quote: “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” (Dr Seuss)



Jeremy boyd Jeremy Boyd Creative Director READ BIO

Jeremy Boyd

Creative Director
BA Design / MDIA Accredited Designer


With two decades of invaluable industry experience under his belt, Jeremy knows what works. He has an innate ability to capture and interpret a client’s design needs. Jeremy’s results-driven branding and design solutions deliver high quality creative and strong visual engagement for Fig Tree Digital’s diverse range of clients.

Design leadership and professional development is important to Jeremy. He has served as a council member on both the Design Institute of Australia (DIA) and the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA).

“When I first met Maria for coffee and a chat in 2012, it quickly became clear that Fig Tree Digital was different. This was a business that was pushing forward, seeking to be nimble and innovative to keep pace with extraordinary change in the digital landscape.

I saw this role as a way to evolve my traditional creative design skills into new areas of digital media, helping clients to excel. This is truly a ‘digital-first’ agency. Every day at Fig Tree, we are focused on producing exceptional results that we love as much as our clients do.

Thinking visually started early and was very natural for me. I always preferred pictures to words! As a child I was obsessed with comic books, especially a humorous British comic called The Beano. I spent most of my childhood with my head buried in a comic, analysing and copying the illustrations.”

Jeremy’s Secret Superhero Status: Banana Man! He’s The Beano’s parody superhero from the 80s. Not only can he fly and use his superhuman strength, but best of all, he has the voice of Graeme Garden from The Goodies.

Jeremy’s favourite inspirational quote: “Be water, my friend” (Bruce Lee)



Obed Rosenzweig Obed Rosenzweig Digital Developer READ BIO

Obed Rosenzweig

Digital Developer


Obed has a passion for quality digital development. Through his problem solving approach, he delivers excellent digital outcomes for our clients with enthusiasm and particular attention to detail. Obed’s vast experience in technology and digital brings an innovative edge to our development projects.

“When I saw the job ad for Fig Tree Digital I particularly noticed the huge variety of projects the business had produced. For my next career move, I didn’t want a start-up – there’s so many out there now. I wanted to join a company with great experience. I haven’t been disappointed. Now I can say I am creating truly innovative work and I enjoy going to work every day. We have a great team.

Fig Tree Digital believes in work life balance, so if you called me on a Sunday, I wouldn’t be at the office. My ideal Sunday starts with a good sleep in, followed an ultimate Frisbee tournament. Then I’ll finish off with a night of fishing – and a public holiday the next day!” 

Obed’s Secret Superhero Status: Flash, because he can think and read as fast as he runs. PS Here’s a Trivia Night fact for you – Flash’s nickname is the ‘Scarlet Speedster’.

Obed’s favourite inspirational quote: “Never underestimate what you can achieve when you believe in yourself.”



Kate Parker Kate Parker Digital Marketing Coordinator/Project Manager READ BIO

Kate Parker

Digital Marketing Coordinator/Project Manager
BA Communication & Media Management

Working amongst Melbourne and Adelaide’s finest agencies, Kate has a keen eye for digital marketing.  Kate is driven to get high results in a timely and persuasive manner. Social media and digital marketing are her forte and always on the look out for trends, thinking of new ideas that can be implemented across our wide range of clients.

“I was living in Melbourne at the time when the position for Digital Marketing Coordinator appeared. I wanted to be with an agency that not only cared about their team but really listened and understood their clients. Fig Tree Digital go far and beyond to create work that smashes the competition with attention to detail and professionalism.”

This role has helped me put every element that I know of digital marketing and social media all into the place. Not only that but I get to work with an amazing team.

I can be found outside of work either at the gym, binge-watching Netflix, playing video games or getting creative in the kitchen. I am a big believer in making health and fitness a big priority, so I am always looking for healthy recipes or new workout programs.

Kate’s Secret Superhero StatusBlack Widow from The Avengers. Always wanting to take on the bad guys and improving the world to be a better and safe place for all. Oh, and she can totally kick some serious ass.

Kate’s Favourite Inspirational quote: A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.



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