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Making the words work for you

Written words can weave magic across a page, stirring emotions, selling dreams, changing opinions and inspiring action. At Fig Tree Digital, Copywriting and Brand Storytelling works hand-in-hand with a digital marketing strategy and creative direction. We discover insights, open conversations and uncover brand truths. We simplify the complex to create clear and purposeful brand communications.

As one of the leading digital marketing agencies with the head office in Adelaide, let us create copy that converts your customers and evokes emotions. 

At Fig Tree, we see copy as a powerful element for your promotional material, not an afterthought. We consider copy deeply and choose our words wisely. We simplify the complicated to communicate your core message with clarity, craft tone-of-voice to convey your brand’s unique personality and write articles to inform and persuade your readers.

Whether it’s brand storytelling, SEO copywriting, marketing and advertising copy or connecting with your community through social media – we speak your language!

Social media marketing


Copywriting Services

Brand Storytelling

Painting a clear vision of past, present & future

Marketing Copywriting

Influencing audiences through persuasive text

Website Content

Creating copy to convert clicks to customers

Advertising Copy

Adding the sizzle that sells the sausage!

Blog Content

Providing content of value to build your audience


Highlighting the issues that matter most

Social Media Post

Engaging your followers for likes & shares

Product Packaging

Speaking from the shelf, selling the dream

Brand Statement

Succinctly communicating your core messages

SEO Copywriting

Identifying powerful search engine keywords


Conveying insights from founders & customers

Script Writing

Putting words into mouths for radio & video

Social media marketing


Crafting engaging copy

Fig Tree Digital crafts engaging written narratives that define your brand’s positioning, conveys your brand’s personality, stirs your audience’s imagination and compels your customers to take action.

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