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Digital Agency

Creative Digital Agency

We are Fig Tree, a Creative Digital Agency based in Adelaide with a focus on delivering growth through change

  • Marketing Strategy

    True engagement and business growth begins with strategy. Our team leads with strategy in all that we do. Strategy sets the tone to achieve business goals.

  • Creative Design

    The Fig Tree team has more than 20 years’ creative design experience. We seek creative, custom outcomes with a focus on attention to detail.

  • Digital Development

    Our digital development is cutting edge. The combination of digital development, design and strategy to deliver results – this is where we shine.

  • Branding

    Fig Tree transforms businesses by creating brands that stand out from the crowd, elevating them to a higher level in the consumer’s mind.

  • Content

    We will help you define your brand, develop content and tell your story. Our quality content will attract, engage and retain customers.

  • Analytics + Data

    We’re good with data, in fact we know it like the back of our hands. We deliver insights with customer and data analytics, enabling clever decision making.

  • Social Media

    Social media is effective with a clear path to connect, grow, lead and engage with audiences. We integrate social media seamlessly with your core brand.

  • Advertising

    We use digital tools, a good advertising plan, quality design and engaging messages to generate results in digital and social media advertising.

  • Print Design

    From a large-scale print signage to corporate stationery, we have the breadth of experience and craftsmanship to make your print campaigns shine.