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Working from Home

working from home


Stereotypes of working from home have almost disappeared. The separation of working from home and working out of home have merged in 2020.

The perils of navigating home life, family and working life all in the one place has its challenges. You know you’ve been working from home, when slippers are your choice of footwear for Zoom sessions, or you’ve forgotten what day of the week it is when sending a meeting request. There are upsides of working from home, with reduced travel time and doing more with less.

The trends of online marketing, product deliveries and remote working relationship were always in place. Now they are everything, rather than add-ons.

Consumers lives have changed.  As a business and brand, put yourself in the shoes of customers at home. Define new ideas and communication around their environment, as that’s where their head are at right now.

Maria De Conno, Managing Director

Fig Tree Digital
Fig Tree Digital


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