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We thought life was changing at a rapid pace before 2020. The reality is that we are now in the middle of experiencing the biggest change of our time, and the old world is no longer relevant.

Many say that once the pandemic is over we will be going back to the norms of our past with big cities generating big business, large corporates owning the media and leadership held by the loud and powerful. However, the shift to small and nimble has been part of the playing field for a while, with growing movement into the new world.

In the past we had a sense of how we manage our workplace, our teams, our business to make the right decisions.

Life has thrown us all a curveball, and with the well-known message about constant change, it’s now the time to acknowledge this and move forward.

With our sights firmly focussed on today’s new norm, the focus is to adapt and identify what is working and what is achievable.

Use creative thinking to identify how to deliver in a new environment. Think about your brand, ideal customers, community and technology through a new lens.

Does the business strategy, marketing and culture require a major shift or minor tweaks.

Keep your eye on the ever-present change in the surrounding environment and see opportunities that arise. Find and act on the signals of change and adapt to a new way.

Being adaptable may be one of the few competitive advantages in business of the future.

Maria De Conno, Managing Director

Fig Tree Digital
Fig Tree Digital


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