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We’re good with data – in fact, we know it like the back of our hands. It’s a roadmap that shows us a clear path to your digital success. We use data to gather information on customer touch points and find out more about your audiences and customers. Using data, we can deliver deep insights with customer and data analytics, enabling clever decision making.

Big Data is the new way, but we also say working with small data is important to generate effective results from social media, website activity and communication tools.  It’s the small and significant changes that can generate the ROI you are looking for.


Data Analytics SERVICES

Data Analytics

Analysing raw data to make conclusions about the information.

Website Analytics

Reporting web data to understand what requires optimising.

Database Cleanse and Segmentation

Cleaning and fixing customer records.

Customer Experience Analysis

Establishing product or service meets or exceeds consumer expectation.

Social Media Statistics

Data that can change the way you approach social media marketing.

Campaign Effectiveness

Measuring sales, new customers, website traffic, or click through rates.

Industry Statistics and Standards

Applying and learning digital industry marketing standards.

Email Marketing Analytics

Evaluating the success of your newsletter and marketing initiatives.