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A strong logo design is crucial your business. Fig Tree Digital is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Adelaide that creates high-quality logo designs for all types of industries. We can transform your logo with creative Graphic Design to help deliver your message, boost branding, make a strong first impression and help separate you from your competition.

Your customer’s first impression sometimes all comes down to your logo. The team at Fig Tree Digital truly listen to your personal needs and what you desire in a custom logo.

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Brand identity that will make a lasting impression

Fig Tree Digital understands the power of branding. Your brand and logo design is the first thing that people will observe in relation to your business. The stronger your image, the more your audiences will begin to recognise your brand for the work that you do.

 The process all begins by building a strong brand representation. Items included are the logo, visual language, verbal language and the expression. These elements help reconnect you with the right target audience, and for them to remember you
and what your brand stands for.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Adelaide, Fig Tree Digital understands what is good design, and what is great design. We always want to achieve the very best for our clients. We’re here to help you with growth through change, and deliver a long lasting impression.


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Logo Design

Set your business apart with a well-designed custom logo.

Brand Strategy

Separating you from your competition by defining your brand’s purpose.

Brand Identity

Distinct trademark, name, communications and visual appearance.

Brand Assets and Guidelines

Rules set to represent your brand consistently across channels and assets.

Brand Communication

Defining the strengths, values, fundamentals and offerings of your brand.

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Our Logo Designs

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