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Business is changing as traditional business models are moving to a more customer-centric and technology driven approach. The disruption of new competitors from a global environment is part of the competitive marketplace that’s affecting our community and purchasing patterns. Brands need to now consider transforming in order to stay ahead of competitors and successors. 

The evolution of digital technology in conjunction with an educated and socially driven consumer has created an environment where consumers’ behaviour is leading the change.

Are you finding others are making leaps and jumps from the traditional business models, and unsure of how to bring these changes to your team? And how does business branding and communication fit within these new models?

Brand transformation is part and parcel of business evolution and can transform your business strategy, service offerings and communication style. Competitive markets and disruption brings opportunities for business to redefine and refocus.

A strategic process with a staged and delivered approach is how brands transform their strategy and combine the evolution of business name, brand identity and digital platforms whilst reviewing target audiences and communication style. 

Considering a brand transformation? Then remember these key metrics: 

  • A business brand will always be viewed in a mobile device, across web, social and online advertising. Rebrand to suit the mobile and tablet environment, it’s fundamental.
  • User Experience is everything. No matter what your brand promises, it’s how you deliver the promise that matters. Improving user experience is a must.
  • Consumers are used to small ‘news bites’ and they consume shorter content every day.  Switch from your once or twice a year news and PR stories and convert to regular and engaging content.
  • Data is gold. Digital brings you a wealth of information across a plethora of platforms. Review and understand your customer’s behaviour and activity. 

The majority of your consumers will view your brand in a digital or social media environment and hence it’s imperative to make a strong first impression, as you may only have seconds to capture their attention.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes ask them what they need in order to improve their lives through your offerings. It will be the first step in your business re-branding.

If you’re finding that your business isn’t as strong as it could, contact Fig Tree Digital and learn how we help with a brand transformation.


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