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SPH&Co Website
SPH&Co Website

SPH&Co. is the new partnership between long-time industry leader Steven D’Annunzio, owner of Steven Professional Hair, and experienced Salon Manager Sandra Rousvanis.
Fig Tree had the pleasure of bringing this new South Australian brand to life.


SPH&Co Logo
SPH&Co Logo

Hairdressing Salon Brand Identity

Fig Tree Digital designed a new brand identity for SPH&Co. with distinctive character to deliver a timeless and classic appeal. True to their brand values, the identity appears honest, friendly and relaxed whilst confident and professional.


SPH&Co Website
SPH&Co Website
SPH&Co Website

Simplicity & Style In A Website

SPH&Co.’s new brand has been brought to life online with a stylish website highlighting the salon’s personal approach and professional services.

Underpinned by the positioning statement – It’s all about you – the site puts the importance on the customer, leading them through a discovery of SPH&Co.’s approach and the services and benefits offered to their clients.

Fashion photography, new client offer, product video, and live Instagram feed all add to the appeal and effectiveness of the website.

Visit the SPH&Co. website.

SPH&Co Poster & Flyer
SPH&Co Poster & Flyer

A Special Offer For Your BFF

Get Free Hugs! The creative BFF campaign launched into SPH&Co. giving clients a reason to share the love with a special offer for their BFF’s. The one-to-one offer generates positive word of mouth and creates a personal brand endorsement.

The special-offer campaign was implemented as printed postcards, individually personalised by each hairdresser writing the name of their customer’s best friend on them before handing out to be gifted, increasing the chances of them being delivered.

Promotional posters were designed and positioned in view of seated customers in the salon, prompting the offer to be raised as a talking point during their treatment.

Giving your bestie 50% off SPH&Co. is a sure way to remain Best Friends Forever! 


SPH&Co Appointment Card

Loyalty + Business Cards

Printed cards designed to suit a multitude of purposes – a business card, an appointment card, and a customer loyalty card. The folding card is displayed standing upright on bench-top surfaces within the salon to clearly promote the brand and prompt pick-up.



“We rate Fig Tree Digital 5 out of 5 for creative design & direction, logo design, website, SEO, print design, and overall experience. We love the results!”

– Sandra Rousvanis, SPH&Co.

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