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Organic Social Media

Get On Board Australia help new and inspiring board members and directors on their journey to support their board career.

Providing affordable education for those looking to get their foot into the door of a board room, Get On Board Australia provides information, support and resources.

With an Academy that introduces Bootcamps, Self-Paced Programs, and Group Coaching support. there are opportunities for anyone to grow and develop into becoming part of the board of their dreams.

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Social Media Strategy

To begin our approach to creating a social media feed that captured Get On Board Australia, Fig Tree Digital undertook a social media strategy session to evaluate and assess GOB’s social media pages. From the analysis and data reporting, we were able to undertake a session to find out more about what GOB was looking to achieve.

After a 3-hour video session, Fig Tree Digital had a solution. This included keeping the brand’s colours, but trying a different style on their social media feeds to attract and become more visually appealing.




Email Marketing

Fig Tree Digital built an email template through MailChimp to create newsletters for Get On Board Australia. The purpose to showcase what Get On Board is currently achieving within the community; live streams, blog posts, board news, and course updates.

Distributed on a fortnightly basis, Get On Board Australia’s email marketing has been an effective way to communicate to those who are wanting to establish a board career or wanting to hear the latest in news and updates.

“The team at Fig Tree exceeded my expectations in delivering strategy and social media content. Knowledgeable and friendly, back with quality work and deliver fast actions as promised. Perfect!”

 – Lisa Cook, Get On Board Australia