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Financia provides end to end financial solutions with a personalised approach. From home loans, investment loans, refinancing, self-employed solutions, commercial and business loans, plus much more, Financia have been recognised for their dedication within the financial sector.

Fig Tree Digital created an advertising campaign that focused primarily on those who are either medical professionals or self-employed. Offering a wide range of services to medical and allied health professionals, Fig Tree created a landing page specific to the audience listing the items available for those working in the industry.

Financia Facebook Advertising

Strong Call To Actions

In order for the campaign to be successful, we used strong call to actions and copywriting that expressed the services that would be helpful to those in the medical industry.

Each advert detailed a specific area that Financia offered, enticing those within the field to take action and click through. Fig Tree applied a brand awareness campaign to help gain interest, followed by a remarketing through a lead generation campaign to get those who were previously interested in Financia to follow up with.