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Welcome to OLIOLOGY – a life/style newsletter for the OLIO Interiors community.
OLIO - A miscellaneous collection of things
OLIO Interiors is all about people. People and the places they live.
People and the objects they find beautiful and meaningful.
Kitchen Confidential

KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL is now only 4 weeks away - time to buy your tickets! KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL is a dynamic workshop to learn all about contemporary kitchen design, layout, ergonomics, materials and finishes. If you're building or renovating your kitchen - this one's for you.

Practical, fun and packed with useful information to help you create your best kitchen. Expert special guests, door prizes and delicious light refreshments. Presented by OLIO Interiors and hosted by Blum.
Unexpected Flash
Interior Designer Peti Lau says “design is about listening to your inner voice and having the courage to follow it”.
Lau has developed a signature design style she calls AristoFreak™ which she defines as ‘old world charm with a flash of the unexpected’.
Sheer Scale
Soho House Istanbul is located in a 19th century Palazzo. Originally commissioned by an Italian shipbuilder as his palatial residence, it was later used as the US Embassy for most of the 20th century.
Heart Investments
We already know about 'Head Investments' when decorating our home - spending big on essential items like beds, sofas and kitchen benchtops. But I think 'Heart Investments' for the home are just as essential. Here's why.
OLIO's Adelaide
Join a small group of like-minded people for a one day Adelaide tour on Saturday 27 July to meet, greet and learn about new, vintage, handmade and custom home furniture and objects.
Living with Colour
Come and explore colour ideas for your home in a relaxed atmosphere with a delicious morning tea at Caroma on Friday 14 June.
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