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Sitting in the wrong chair causes problems for our bodies
Neck Pain
How to choose the right chair

If you work in an office and are mostly deskbound you will sit for about 1,500 hours a year! With all these hours of sitting it is no wonder that wrong chair causes problems for our bodies. Unfortunately many of us have experienced this sometime in our working lives… an unsuitable chair that leads to poor sitting postures, discomfort, even injury.  

Choosing the right chair is more complex than most people realize. So they will buy a chair without the right knowledge and without correct advice.

In reality, it is just as important to sit on the right chair for your body as to wear the right fitting shoes for your feet.

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Chair adjustability matters
The more adjustability a chair has the more it changes to suit your body. This means better fit, comfort and posture. Avoid cheap chairs which have seat height adjustment and fixed height backrests.
Getting the right fit

Chairs come in different seat sizes. It is very important that the seat is not too short or long for your legs. Ideally a chair should have about 2–3 fingers widths between the front edge of the seat and the back of the knees.

DAL Spark Ergo Seat
DAL Spark Ergo Seat
Normally $635
Now $572
DAL Spark is one of the most adjustable chairs on the market. It is also Back Centre’s best selling chair!  
Diablo Manager Large
Diablo Manager
Normally $360
Now $324
With a comfortable, cool mesh back and adjustable seat depth, the Diablo Manager is both affordable and versatile. 
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